Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Men's Region IV Gymnastics Championship

Well everyone, you will be happy to hear that we have a region champion on our hands. Daryn competed against boys from 6 states: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Daryn took 1st place on 3 events: floor (15.1), vault (14.7), and high bar (14.8). He took 2nd place on rings (15.0). He took 3rd place on parallel bars (14.9). He took 6th place on pommel horse (14.3). And he took 2nd place in the all around with a great score of 88.8. This is his highest all around score yet.

Daryn has completed his first season with amazing results. We look forward to what he will be doing in the future. We have learned from his coach that he is moving up to level 6 next year. This means that he will be learning harder and bigger skills on each event. Daryn is looking forward to the challenge.

Here is a picture with Daryn and his coaches-Dale and Andy. They are great !!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MN State Championship Meet-3/28/2010

Daryn had a fabulous meet on Sunday. He took 2nd place in the MN State Championship meet for level 5- ages 7 and 8.
He took 5th place on the pommel horse with a score of 14.0. On rings he placed 4th with a score of 14.5. On parallel bars he placed 2nd with a score of 15.1. On vault he placed 1st with a score of 15.1. And on high bar he placed 1st with a score of 15.4. His high bar score is the highest he has ever gotten. Daryn's all around score was an 88.6 which gave him 2nd place for the meet. The only event he didn't place on was floor and he received a 14.5 as a score.
Daryn receiving his 1st place medal for the high bar.
The North Shore Team also took 1st place for the meet.

Daryn posing with his 6 state medals. He received 2 bronze, 2 silver, and 2 gold. What an amazing year!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

State Meet 3/28/2010

Hi Everyone-

Just to let you know that this Sunday is Daryn's last meet in Minnesota for the year. He will be competing at the U of M in the state meet. He is very excited and would love all the support he can get. So if you're not doing anything on Sunday at 11am we'd love to see you there.

On April 11, 2010, Daryn will be competing in Grand Forks, ND for the region 4 competition. Please wish him luck as this will be the last meet on the season.

I will continue to update his progress with the new things that he will be learning.

One more thing, Daryn is doing a flower sale fundraiser to help with the cost of gymnastics. He is selling 7 flowers/plants for $20. They are annuals and would look great in a flower basket or in your flower garden. The sale goes through April 13 and they will be delivered the Friday before Mother's Day. If you are interested in seeing what is available please email or call me and I can get you an order form. There are several plants to choose from. Thanks again for all your support.

MIGS meet at the U of M- 3/13/2010

Daryn had kind of a rollar coaster day. He got 2 of his highest scores ever, but also got a few of his lowest.

He brought home 5 ribbons today- on rings he scored a 15.3 (his highest score ever)-3rd place, vault he scored a 15.2 (his second highest score ever)-3rd place, parallel bars he scored a 14.6-4th place, high bar he scored a 14.7-4th place, and his all around score was an 86.8 and he place 4th. His score on floor was a 13.3 and his score on pommel horse was a 13.5.

He is very optimistic though. He says that he's glad that he got a bad meet out of the way before the state meet. What a kid-he always can see the bright side of things.

Mini Hops Madness-2/27/2010

Hi Everyone-
Sorry that I haven't updated this in a while, but it's amazing how busy things are. Here are a few pictures of Daryn's meet from 2/27/2010. This meet was held at Hamline University. This was the best meet that Daryn has had so far.

Daryn scored a 14.7 on parallel bars-and took 3rd place. On floor he scored a 15.0-and took 1st place, pommel horse and mushroom he scored a 14.0-and took 6th place, rings he scored a 14.0-and took 4th place, vault he scored a 15.0- and took 1st place, and high bar he scored a 14.6-and took 1st place.

He scored a total of 87.3 for the all around scored and place 2nd. He was only 1.2 points behind the boy who placed 1st. Great job Daryn !

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Daryn just had a gymnastics meet yesterday he did great. He got a first on Floor, vault, and high bar. He also got third on parellel bars, and he got forth on rings. Daryn got sixth on pommel horse, and that is his worst event. Daryn he got a fifteen on floor and vault and he got a 14.6 on high bar . He got a 14.7 on parllel bars. Also he got a 14.0 on rings and pommel horse. He had a great meet. Their team took first over all with a 268.5. Daryn he got second all-around with a score of 87.3 the first place guy got a 88.5 so Daryn was close.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 14, 2010- Iowas City Invitational

Daryn had a terrific meet yesterday! He was up against the toughest competition yet and he still brought home 7 medals. There were gyms from all over the US. We had boys there from Nebraska, New Mexico, Illinois, Texas, and more. It was pretty awesome to see that Daryn is right up there with the best of them. He placed 7th on pommel horse, 5th on high bar, 3rd place on floor, vault, and parallel bars, and 2nd on the rings. He got a 15.0 out of 16.0 on the rings. That is his best score yet on the rings.

Daryn also placed 3rd place all around with a score of 85.6.
Daryn on the high bar...usually this is one of his best events, but yesterday he had chalk in his eye so he wasn't able to see very well. He still placed 5th though. What a trooper!
Daryn is getting very good with his handstand on the parallel bars. He had his best score on this event yesterday as well with a 14.7.

The North Shore team tied for 1st place. What an amazing accomplishment. We are all very proud of our boys.